Vauum cleaner which options should I choose?

On the shelves of shops there are many companies and types of vacuum cleaners. How not to get lost among a large variety of goods? How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home? Below you can find out the types of these technical devices and the rules of choice.

Types of vacuum cleaners

In everyday life it is difficult to imagine a home life without an excellent assistant – a vacuum cleaner. It has become an indispensable attribute of every apartment. But how to choose the right one if there are so many? First, determine the type. There are vacuum cleaners:

  • with aquafilter;
  • washing;
  • robots-vacuum cleaners;
  • cyclone type;
  • for dry and combined cleaning;
  • wireless.

We will stop and consider each species separately.

With aquafilter

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter have a high efficiency when cleaning the apartment. Very effectively cope with both large and small debris. What is the secret of such a high performance? Water is a natural natural filter from dust and dirt. When sucked, air passes through this natural filter. The micro particles of dirt contained in the room are moistened and settle on the bottom of the container. Practically purified air passes additional purification and leaves outside. As a result, after such cleaning there is not only a clean apartment, but also filtered, moistened air. Such cleanliness will only positively affect the living creatures of the apartment.

On the shelves with household appliances, you can find vacuum cleaners with aqua filters of two types of cleaning:

  • Hookah;
  • Separator.

Consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the filters. Which to choose?

Vacuum cleaners with hookah type aquafilter.

Such devices well retain large dirt, but dusty micro particles of air must undergo additional cleaning. It is true that this point is also envisaged, depending on the number of air filters, the air purity at the outlet can be up to 99%. However, in hookah type vacuum cleaners, you should change the water tank every 15-20 minutes, due to the small volume of the container. After cleaning, you should wash both water and air filters so that there is no loss of suction power during the next cleaning of the apartment. Also, because of the powerful engines built into such devices, the electricity is consumed considerably, which leads to unforeseen financial costs.

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilterVacuum cleaners with an aquafilter of separator type.

Such units are very expensive, but they deserve this price. The separator filter separates water, dirt and air due to the centrifugal force. Created, inside such an apparatus, pressure and moving water cause dirty air bubbles to break, and dust settle on the bottom. Thus, the oxygen in the room becomes clean. Special care such vacuum cleaners do not require, except for the substitution of liquid in the “cleaning” container.



Such vacuum cleaners are very effective in cleaning large rooms. They qualitatively cope with any dirt and dust. And also, there are hidden possibilities, for example, washing of glasses and mirrors. These units have two tanks: for clean and dirty water. The clean liquid is poured out onto the floor, then sucked into a container for dirty water.

Washing Vacuum cleaners

Disadvantages of such vacuum cleaners:

  • Bulky;
  • Expensive;
  • After each cleaning it is necessary to wash the filters;
  • If there is no possibility to dry carpets after cleaning, and parquet to cover with antiseptic means, then do not use such apparatus. Carpets in the near future, like parquet, can begin to rot, which will lead to another and senseless waste of finance;
  • In small rooms, vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning will occupy a significant place, and constant care for these units will start to bother.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

The main function of some modern models of vacuum cleaners is precisely in cleaning the parquet floor. Their feature from other vacuum cleaners is the presence of several special attachments and brushes that do not scratch the surface of the floor, as well as in silicone rotary elements, which do not interfere with the movement of the unit on a parquet board.

If you are planning to buy a regular vacuum cleaner and special nozzles for cleaning parquet, then choose this device, based on its main characteristics. By and large, if you use a vacuum cleaner more often for cleaning parquet and laminate, then the brand of the device and its power do not matter much, because absolutely any unit will well remove dirt and dust from a smooth and even surface. It is much more important in this case to choose suitable attachments.

A good nozzle for a vacuum cleaner for parquet should be covered with extra soft materials that, when in contact with the floor, will not leave even microcracks on its surface. Such qualities are pile, felt, camel wool, and special fabric. There are also a number of attachments with a rubber or silicone coating, which together with cleaning polish the parquet board. Another good device for reliable and careful removal of the strongest contaminants is a horsehair brush, whose structure can not damage even the most brittle surface.

In addition, a vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet should have a special shape. Since the parquet board is very susceptible to any mechanical influences, it is not recommended to move furniture over it. It is also impossible to lift all objects in the room every time during harvesting. To facilitate the process of putting things in order in a room with parquet, it is worth buying a flat and narrow nozzle that can penetrate to the most remote corners of the room. In addition to these forms of attachments, you can use triangular nozzles, which perfectly clean the corners of the rooms. Those who dream of perfect purity will certainly like rotary nozzles, which in the process of work can change their shape, penetrating into all corners and cramps. Typically, moving nozzles are equipped with several modes, so that they can be used in rooms with different floor coverings.

However, when choosing a vacuum cleaner and nozzles for dry cleaning of parquet, it is important to track not only the softness of the brush nap, but also the safety of all structural elements. Ideally, all brush parts that come in contact with the floor must be either made of special material or covered with silicone fuses. Otherwise, there will be damage to the wooden floor surface, which will subsequently lead to deformation and expensive repairs.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What kind of vacuum cleaner is better to choose among intelligent devices? Such devices can be considered the most revered and expensive. This device is called a “robot” for a reason – it performs the cleaning functions of the premises independently.

Which firm is better to choose the device? Difficult question. All companies build microchips in these vacuum cleaners with certain algorithms of operation (each company has its own program code, on which the price spread for this device depends). The unit itself knows where and how it is best to clean it, and most importantly, an autonomous charger will make life easier for you.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

On the shelves of shops you can find a lot of aggregates. Which to choose?

  • Budget options . Do not buy cheap models – they tend to quickly fail and are not effective in working around the house. When purchasing a budget model, be prepared for the financial costs of additional spare parts. In terms of power, such devices are inferior to expensive “colleagues.” Hardly they can clean the corners of the room from the dust. And if an apartment with fluffy animals, then soon you will be tired of cleaning the brushes from the wool, and with the replacement of parts you will have to tinker. However, in expensive models it is worthwhile to press just one button, and the change of details will be just a joy. When creating budget devices, companies begin to save literally everything: material, software, the number of sensors (which is important).
  • Number of sensors . From the number of sensors built into the vacuum cleaner much depends. They allow your robot not to bump into large items, easily find garbage and soften collisions. The more sensors, the better. Such vacuum cleaners for large houses are irreplaceable.
  • Wet cleaning . Washing robots after dry cleaning will easily find stains from the spilled liquid on the floor and will immediately remove them, after which the floor will dry dry.
  • Energy and retractable area . What kind of vacuum cleaner is better to buy for cleaning large areas? The amount of energy depends on the area that your device can “cover”.
  • Service . As a rule, all robotic vacuum cleaners need the same service as conventional ones. The capacity of the container will depend on the frequency of its change. Also, you need to clean the vacuum cleaner correctly .

Cyclonic type

These vacuum cleaners are intended for dry cleaning. The price of such devices is relatively low. This technique is easy to maintain:

  • Do not wash the container after cleaning;
  • It is easy to replace a dirty tank with a clean one;

In the garbage container there are two flasks, dirty air, passing through these flasks, begins to swirl and under the influence of the centrifugal force, debris remains in the container. Even with a filled waste tank there is no power loss. This vacuum cleaner does not emit buzz, but the sound effects are present from the beating debris on the tank wall. With prolonged use, the walls of the container become cloudy, which prevents you from monitoring the quality of cleaning.


Another kind of household assistant. These devices are easy to maintain, do not take up much space. When deciding which vacuum cleaner to choose, consider the disadvantages of this type.

  • Small power;
  • Compact container for garbage;
  • Relatively low battery power;

hoover Vacuum Cleaner

All these features create a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning, but not for long cleaning of a large apartment.

This unit is very convenient to use, since the wires that extend from the outlet do not interfere with the hoses. After the battery is sitting down, this unit can be hung or put on the base station of recharging. The base station of the vacuum cleaner does not take up much space, it visually approaches any design and does not spoil it. The brush of the wireless device, like in other types, can move, which gives this unit maneuverability. True, because of the low power, it will not be possible to clean the carpets qualitatively. A small container will have to be cleaned constantly.

Bag or container

All models of vacuum cleaners differ from each other. Some have garbage bags, others have containers, while others have tanks with water. How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for daily use and not to lose?


What kind of vacuum cleaner is better to buy for small areas? The best option is equipment with disposable paper bags. After cleaning, they are easy to dispose of. They allow to provide good suction power. Fine filters with such protection are clearly unnecessary. However, when the wrapping with paper bags ends it is necessary to spend money on new ones.

There are also fabric bags for garbage collection. They are not as effective as paper ones. Through the fabric, small particles of dust slip through, which affects the additional cleaning system. However, it is easy to remove garbage from such bags, after which they should be washed and dried.


What kind of vacuum cleaner should I choose for a home where an allergic person lives? Of course with the container. From such a system, micro particles of air do not fly out, garbage remains on the bottom. Certain care services are not required. In general, there are more advantages than bags. The filled container does not affect the power level of the vacuum cleaner. Substitutions for new ones do not require.


Vacuum Cleaner parameters to choose

The stores are full of household appliances. How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house? The list of parameters that are worth paying attention to:

  • Brand of household appliance;
  • Dry, wet, combined or steam cleaning;
  • Power vacuum cleaner;
  • How to choose a dust bag, how to calculate its volume;
  • The level of noise produced;

On each of the parameters, we will stop separately below.

What capacity should be

Many people choose vacuum cleaners in terms of power – the higher the power, the better. But not many people know that this trend is wrong . The power of the motor of the vacuum cleaner depends only on the consumed electric power, and this parameter should not be greater than the throughput of the wiring possibilities in your house. The optimum number of this parameter ranges from 1.5 to 2 kW.

There is one more factor, independent of the first – suction power. What it is? Suction power is the force with which the vacuum cleaner will suck in the dust . According to this criterion and you need to choose a vacuum cleaner. The optimum value of this coefficient is from 350 to 500 W.

Tips for choosing

These tips will help you better navigate the domestic market and prompt you how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment and a high-quality cleaning of the premises.

Brand . What kind of brand is better to get a vacuum cleaner? This parameter is very important for people who want to buy a quality device and do not overpay. Select a vacuum cleaner for the brand will not work after reading this article. Let’s provide a list of leading companies producing quality products:

  • Zelmer;
  • Bosch;
  • Karcher;
  • Electrolux;
  • Samsung;
  • Philips;
  • Zanussi;

Dry, wet, combined or steam cleaning . These parameters you can choose yourself, relying on your floor covering in the room, and the size of your apartment. For example, for small apartments it is not advisable to buy vacuum cleaners for wet, combined or steam cleaning, as you will spend your finances and your vacuum cleaner will take up a lot of space. For large apartments, on the contrary.

Dust collectors and their volumes . This parameter is also chosen from the calculation of the square meters of your room and your ability to provide a good service for the equipment.

The level of noise produced . Not everyone likes loud sounds, especially if they are being emitted by a vacuum cleaner. It is not always in the technical passport that the loudness of the sounds produced by the vacuum cleaner is written. Demand that the seller turn on the vacuum cleaner. Even powerful models, made qualitatively, can work quietly.